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Alan Loeser – Mr. Loeser is the team leader at IAAS Worldwide. He has been in the machinery and auction business for forty years. He has been and is a member of many associations that represent the auction and machinery business, such as ASA, NEBB, TMA, NAA and MDNA. Alan knows value and is happy to share his knowledge on plant visitations for no charge. He runs the business to help clients obtain the most money they can for their frozen assets. He is a licensed auctioneer and a USPAP appraiser.

Laura Schaech – Ms. Schaech is the marketing specialist at IAAS Worldwide. She has been with IAAS Worldwide for eight years. She came to IAAS as a native of Baltimore county. Laura has extensive experience in debt collections which made making calls to prospective clients both fun and easy for her. The auction and machine dealing business is two generations strong, her father was a machinist for forty five years.

Brian Chambers – Mr. Chambers is the information technology specialist at IAAS Worldwide. He is responsible for managing the company’s network and web page, as well as keeping every electronic device up and running. He is currently attending James Madison University in Harrisonburg, Virginia, for a degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS).

Mr. Richardson is president and CEO of JMR Capital, Inc, a mergers and acquisitions firm located in Anaheim Hills, CA. He works directly and confidentially with business owners to assist them in the sale of their companies.

In addition to managing JMR Capital, Inc., he and his firm are strategic partners of IAAS Worldwide. Responsible for business development and local site management, the company represents IAAS in the western United States.

Richardson and his company are experienced and have been brokering transactions since 1982. They are best known for their extensive list of financially qualified buyers. These ready, willing, and able buyers include companies looking for entire plants, divisions of Fortune 500 firms, and purchasing agents seeking capital equipment.

The clear goal, where profit is maximized, is for the broker, client, or owner to quickly sell the business to a legitimate buyer. However, if the business appears to be a possible auction candidate, the broker should not hesitate to mention the asset buyout or auction scenarios as part of the initial sales presentation. The period of time when businesses remain listed too long is often the most trying in the broker/client relationship, and it may be the ideal opportunity to introduce the auction process. If the client realizes the possibility of an asset buyout or auction is a viable option from the outset , a smoother transition into a sale will result. Unfortunately, the time frame when a business has no legitimate buyers, but remains listed, also represents the period of time when the assets suffer their greatest commercial loss. If an asset has to be auctioned, the faster that point is realized represents the greater savings to the client.

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