PCS is more than just an abbreviation of our name, it’s the way we do business. Plan for Quality – new projects are evaluated and the most efficient and cost-effective method is selected to meet design requirements. Cut to Specification – the most modern CNC machines and inspection equipment create parts that meet or exceed specifications. Seek to Improve – our Quality Management System monitors performance continuously and adjusts processes for improvement.  Our Process Development Group will also partner with your design engineers to help reduce costs for parts and downstream assembly activities.

Since 1985, Production Cutting Services, Inc has provided metal component parts and fabrication services to OEMs, including manufacturers of large equipment outdoor support structures , and tower frameworks. We have created a company capable of supplying a variety of component parts (large and small), fabricated to customer specifications. PCS uses only quality raw materials purchased in volume from cost-effective sources delivered on a “just in time basis”.

Our cutting capabilities are the first step in providing an accurate part at a competitive price. Our lathe cutting and saw cutting processes provide the ability to work with raw materials up to 48 feet long. This allows us to break down all standard mill lengths efficiently, maximizing material utilization and reducing your costs.

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