Since 1964, Linders Specialty, Co. has been providing custom metal fabrication services to OEM’s, metal fabricators and artists all over the United States. Our capabilities in specialty metal forming and fabricating make us the perfect partner to support you in your most difficult projects. Let us help you with our experience in mild steel, stainless steel and other high nickel content alloys, brass, bronze or aluminum. If it’s rings or railings, framing or fenders, parts or complete, we can help!

If your project or product requires metal fabrication services, you’ve come to the right place. Linders Specialty, Co. offers a full service shop, capable of creating what you desire; from raw metal, to a product ready for finishing.

Linders Specialty has the capacity to roll bend wide flange and structural beams the easy way up to one hundred pounds per foot. Our specialty is accurately rolling trolley beams with curved corners and tangents attached reducing splicing in the field or the shop to provide our customers with a drop-in product. We can leave ends untrimmed if field conditions preclude accurate measurements.

We can roll structural beams (S beams) the hard way if they are the heavy sections and under six inches in section. These are usually large enough for most conveying sections.

We can also split beams into Tees, roll the tees separately and weld them back together to get tighter bends that would otherwise be possible in one piece. Special machinery is required to roll the hard way beyond this. We do not posses this capability at this time.


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