Specializing in Bearing Retainers and Cages, Gasket Materials, and Silicone Sheets and Rolls. Illene Industries, Inc is a highly diversified manufacturing
company established in 1996 specializing in precision ball and roller bearing separators , retainers, or the bearing cage manufacturing process. We are also a gasket fabricator
and a major distributor of industrial rubber and other gasketing materials to Gasket fabrication , OEM manufacturer and end users in the US, Canada and Mexico.

We have developed special technologies to enhance our services to our customers by providing fast Prototyping capability via our computer – controlled Water- Jet Machine or production
services via the same technology or industrial presses. We’ve developed our own in-house die cutting of Gasket capability for both steel and steel rule Dies. We manage a very large inventory of commercial and Mil -Spec Rubber such as Buna,Butyl, Nitrile, Neoprene, Duponts, Vitron,and Hypalon,EPAM, FDA -approved, and gasket materials like: Cork, Felt, Vegetable Fibers,( Special Paper Products) Non-Asbestos, Foam, Sponge,Plastic and more.


Bearing Retainers and Cages
Silicone Sheets and Rolls
Die Cutting
Custom Gasket Manufacturer
Water Jet Cutting
Gasketing Materials

Illene Industries Inc is sensitive to changing markets

Illene Industries,Inc constantly watches the US and world economies and the evolving markets and marketplaces in which we operate to provide the best available information to customers.This allows us to update our inventories to reflect these changing conditions. For example we moved quickly to provide asbestos replacement materials
when the EPA banned asbestos- based products in the US. We have expanded our facilities to incorporate the manufacturing capabilities of Silicone Rubber to meet the needs of this exploding market.

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