J.M. Sales USA has teamed up with Machinesandtoolinginternational.com. J.M.Sales -USA is the sales representative for Johs. Boss better know as JBO in the US and Canada. J.M. Sales-USA offers a wide product line to support all your cutting requirements. If you need Thread Milling Cutters,Drill Thread Milling,Combination Thread Milling Cutters, Shell Type Thread Milling Cutters, PCD, CVD, and CBN Tools, Precision Thread Cutting Dies, Precision Thread  Gauges, and Hahnreiter Taps. Be sure to watch the product videos.

Excellent products but also backed up with world renowned expertise in the the arena of precision threading tools. “Made in Germany – JBO and Hahnreiter lead the way in precision and we are proud to represent  them.”

Joseph Mazzenga
J.M. Sales -USA

To learn more go to www.machinesandtoolinginternational.com. Click on Tooling in the black bar and search for the category you are looking for. Or go to www.jmsales-usa.com.

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