Posa – Cut is a leading manufacturer of metal cutting tools. Posa – Cut has more than 50 years experience serving the metal working industry with standard and special carbide tools, metal cutting tools,  carbide  cutting tool systems, Form Tools, Tool Holders, Carbide Grooving & Threading Inserts, Wear Parts.

Carbide  Tooling Solutions

Posa-Cut innovative product design, manufacturing techniques, and contemporary cutting tools solutions enable the metal working industry to achieve greater productivity and profit. Posa – Cut product lines include Posa -Form Tooling, Double- Datum Tooling, Special Grooving & Threading Carbide Inserts, Standard Grooving & Threading Inserts and Wear Parts.

Posa -Cut has satisfied the demands of many formal Quality Programs including Q1. Posa-Cut is ISO 9001:2008 registered and considered QS9000 Compliant.

Posa- Cut is based in Farmington Hills, Michigan.

Please visit their website www.posacut.com