From contract production to prototyping, we offer clients a wide range of custom sheet metal fabrication processes, including, but not limited to, Waterjet Cutting, Shearing, Bending, Welding, Centerless Grinding & Powder Coating. Our sheet metal fabrication services uphold a (+/-) .03 inch precision tolerance on parts measuring up to .375 inches thick, while our water jet cutting operation upholds a (+/-) .005 inch precision tolerance on parts measuring up to seven inches thick. And, we can work with a maximum sheet metal length of 120 inches.

Our advanced metal fabrication services have successfully served the needs of a wide range of industries, including agricultural, architectural, and medical. Specializing in the manufacturing of Enclosures, Food Processing Equipment, Metal Furniture, Heavy Construction Equipment Assemblies & Signage, our sheet metal products have always met with high industry standards. We invite you to contact Ernie’s Tool Time to inquire after our advanced sheet metal fabrication capabilities.


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Our commitment to service has not changed in 90 years at Rainville-Carlson.
What initially started as a small roofing business has evolved into full service commercial roofing and sheet metal capabilities, as well as custom new fixture construction and special refurbishing with stainless steel, copper, brass, and aluminum.

But a lot has stayed the same. The fourth generation descendants of Carl Johnson show the same attention to detail as their great-grandfather. They still pride themselves on the same prompt, courteous service. they still stand behind their families commitment to quality.

If there is one thing Rainville-Carlson is known for, it’s doing the job right – the first time. That explains why Rainville-Carlson is consistently in demand from leading construction contractors and property managers and why we’re one of only a few companies in the Twin Cities recognized as a “Master” roofing company.

That “Master” designation allows Rainville-Carlson to offer the maximum manufacturer’s warranty available for materials–simply because the leading manufacturers of quality roofing products are confident that we will install their materials as specified.

  • Single-ply and built-up construction
  • Custom-tapered insulation systems
  • Metal panel roofing systems
  • Roof maintenance and repair

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