The J.F. Berns Company manufactures high quality CNC Lathe and Bar Feeding accessories to increase your machining productivity. Products include spindle liners, bar chamfering machines, bar supports, spindle stops, draw tubes, draw bars, spindle extensions and special loaders and unloaders.

The Top Load Sport can be made as short as 11″ long. Using the Short Sport setup, the support is made with a narrow base and can fit between the barfeeder and the Lathe. This will extend the spindle capacity so that now you can run a 6′ bar instead of a 4′ one.

  • Tool-less changeovers!
  • Safety interlocked to lathe!
  • Safely run bars longer than spindle!
  • Economical!

topload sample5

JF Berns Company, Inc.

11115 Ashburn Rd.

Cincinnati, OH 45240



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