Headquartered in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Quickmill Inc. manufactures a complete line of CNC gantry type machining centres. Since 1984, Quickmill has been a world class supplier of metal cutting solutions in various metal cutting industries worldwide. Our products lines include the Intimidator, Annihilator and Eliminator; heavy duty machine tools for heavy duty applications.

If you need more than just a machine to satisfy your production needs, Quickmill will provide the not only the right machine, but the full turnkey solution to your specific requirement. With our experience in large machine and turnkey systems we have the resources to meet your manufacturing needs.

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Quickmill Inc.

760 Rye Street

Peterborough, ON Canada K9J 6W9

NA Toll Free: 1-800-295-0509

Phone: +1-705-745-2961

Fax: +1-705-745-8130

E-mail – info@quickmill.com

Website – http://www.quickmill.com

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