Headquartered in Peterborough, Ontario, Canada, Quickmill Inc. manufactures a complete line of CNC gantry type machining centres. Since 1984, Quickmill has been a world class supplier of metal cutting solutions in various metal cutting industries worldwide. Our products lines include the Intimidator, Annihilator and Eliminator; heavy duty machine tools for heavy duty applications.

The Intimidator series machines are one of the best solutions for large part drilling, for performance and simplicity. Designed and built to provide the best value in drilling solutions, this high horsepower machine is sure to give you a performance boost.

The Annihilator series machines provide greater rigidity, faster speeds, and increased efficiencies, to increase capabilities and productivity on your shop floor. The Annihilator series is the solution to your large part machining requirements.

The Eliminator series machines feature large machining envelopes, robust designs, powerful spindle & gearbox combinations, and many automation features and options that will help your shop efficiencies while eliminating production bottlenecks.  


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Quickmill Inc.

760 Rye Street

Peterborough, ON Canada K9J 6W9

NA Toll Free: 1-800-295-0509

Phone: +1-705-745-2961

Fax: +1-705-745-8130

E-mail – info@quickmill.com

Website – http://www.quickmill.com

Customer Service is our number one priority. We understand that machine downtime must be kept to a minimum. Our technical support team will work with you to get your machine up and running quickly. With online manuals, high quality videos, expert advice and experience, we can assist you with restoring your machine to its fullest capabilities in a timely manner, so you can get the machine back into production.

Tired of throwing your machining center away the minute your lease payment is up? Step up to a Kent CNC Vertical Machining Center today! Our full line of precision Vertical Machining Center offers a wide selection of rigid and powerful machines for every application. From Compact models for the most efficient use of floor space, standard #40 and # 50 taper models in linear and box-way designs, to models with traveling column or double column designs, there is a Kent CNC Vertical Machining Center to help you get things done more efficiently, economically, and stay competitive over time. Other specialty models include compact 5-axis machining center with rotary table style or trunnion style designs and high speed drill/tap centers.


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