Carmex Precision Tools Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of high quality cutting tools. Carmex specialize in the production of threading tools for turning and milling. Our product lines include Thread Turning inserts and toolholders, Mill Thread inserts and tool holders, Mill-Thread Solid Carbide and Spiral Mill Thread.

Carmex Thread-Turning product line is recognized worldwide for its full range of high quality laydown triangular inserts answering to most of the thread standards.
Two types of inserts are offered. The main are grounded profile and chip breaker inserts, delivering high quality threads, offered in a big variety of grades and coatings to fit all manufacturing purposes.

Within this range we offer also Ultra – Miniature and Miniature inserts for threading bores as small as 6mm diameter, Vertical (on edge) inserts, Multitooth inserts and U Type inserts.


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