Archer Engineering has been in business since 1951 and we are located in Chicago easily accessible to all expressways.

We are a quality machine shop capable of making parts used for prototype or replacement.

Our operations consist of turning,threading, drilling, milling, bending, broaching, and welding. Parts can be made in most materials to American or Metric sizes.

As a machine shop, we can do both external and internal threading services. Production methods consist of single point die cut and tapping. Size range goes from 1/4 ” to 4″ in diameter and material can be from common to exotic


Archer Engineering
3154 Archer Ave
Chicago,IL 60608
Phone (773) 247-3501
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Jay Sons Screw Machine Services

We provide High Volume Production Screw Machining on Davenports utilizing attachments for Knurling, Milling, Threading, Trepanning, Slotting and Cross Drilling/Tapping. Kanban, JIT & PPAP are available for our customers in the Military, Appliance, Automotive, Medical, Electronics, Insert Molding & Fastener Industries.

Customer Focus

Jay Sons Screw Machine Products, Inc. has been a major supplier of precision Davenport Screw Machine Products for customers ranging broadly in size, product category and geographic location. We also pride ourselves in our on-time delivery record. With the industry average around 85%, We met on-time delivery requirements over 99% of the time over the last five years. Jay Sons continuously measures, monitors and reacts to indicators and objectives with the goal of meeting customer satisfaction.

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197 Burritt Street
Milldale, CT 06467
Phone: 860-621-0141
Fax: 860-621-0142