Interview With Jim White from Carmex USA

Can you tell us a little about your educational background?

I have a BA in English from Cal State Fullerton in Southern California.

After graduating did you immediately look for a career in the Machine Tool business or did you pursue other industries?

I graduated while working at Pacific Valve in Long Beach, California. After spending several years there as a contract
administrator I worked for Sargent Aerospace in Yorba Linda, California as a proposal manager, then R & G Sloane
Corporation in Little Rock , Arkansas as an industrial product manager and Enfield Industrial Corporation as Midwest
Regional Manager.

What companies have you worked for in the Machine Tool business? What were your responsibilities at those company’s?

I was a machine operator programmer and process planner at Pacific Valves in Long Beach, California. I’ve been selling
cutting tools in Chicagoland since 1999 and have worked for Empire Tool Company as Midwest regional Manager, Iscar
as a sales rep & turning product manager and Steiner industrial Supply as cutting tools product manager.

I realize you are currently National Sales Manager for Carmex USA.. What initially attracted you to Carmex USA ?

Carmex is a private company that has a family atmosphere. Working for a smaller company that gave me more
flexibility has also been an attractive benefit to working for Carmex.

What was your career path at Carmex?

I was hired as a sales rep for the Chicagoland market eventually expanded my role to Midwest Regional Manager
and now the national position.

What are your current responsibilities ?

I’m managing the outside sales force and am jointly responsible for marketing , advertising and promotions.

The Machine Tool Industry has many tooling company’s and is very competitive yet Carmex has a track record
of success for many years.

What do you attribute the reason for the success? Engineering support?
Pricing? On time delivery?

We are a service oriented company. With so much product duplication, customers are looking for expertise as well
as quality products and fair prices. Our most important product is service.

What specific industries if any do you target? Automotive, Aerospace, Medical?

We’re selling to all major markets that cut metal as part of their process, including Aerospace, Medical Devices,
Automotive, Heavy Equipment , Energy and Firearms.

What goals does Carmex USA want to achieve over the next year and beyond?

We’re concentrating on building our brand through the internet; that’s why we’re doing this interview for example.
Name recognition is a long term project; doing a better job of promoting our brand on line is a short term goal.

Thank you Jim .