Tornos Partnership
Mastercam is expanding its CAM software family in cooperation with Tornos, manufacturer of machines designed to produce parts requiring extreme precision and quality, to offer their TISIS users integrated CAM features from the Mastercam Swiss product. CNC Software is entering the Tornos partnership exclusively as the only CAM system provider.
Tornos has chosen Mastercam Swiss to provide their users of the TISIS software with advanced ISO programming functions. Says Patrick Neuenschwander, Software & Electrical Manager at Tornos, “The responsiveness of a local development team specializing in bar turning, the adaption capabilities, the ultra-realistic programming concept and the possibility to control all models of our entire range of machines with the Mastercam product induced us to decide in favor of the CNC Software company to jointly develop CAM features especially for TISIS.”

A Mastercam version tailored to the specific demands of the Tornos machine range will offer CAM features to the TISIS users via an interface that is specifically designed for the two software types. The launch of this first version of the Mastercam Swiss – Tornos partnership is expected to be released Q3 of 2016.

New Features

With new features in Mastercam Swiss for Tornos, operators of Swiss-style lathes will enjoy an easier time with complex machining processes. A strong integration between TISIS and Mastercam Swiss will provide a fast and efficient way to machine complex geometries.

Tornos Partnership

Mastercam Swiss

Mastercam Swiss is specialized CAD/CAM for precision programming. The software is designed to control a variety of Swiss-style NC machines, and is popular with watch-making, medical, dental, automotive, aerospace, and electronics companies—all known for the requirement of extremely small but very precise parts.

Using the new version of the product, Operators of Swiss-style lathes can now execute several operations simultaneously since Mastercam Swiss primarily focuses on the management of simultaneous turning and milling operations and offers a realistic machine simulation in 3D. The sub or counter-spindle supports long parts by synchronizing the axes in a master/slave configuration and the simulation enables the operations that are subject to the risk of interference to be displayed before they are actually performed on the machine. Special emphasis has been placed on the addition of various functions to the Gantt chart, such as better readability of each operation and optimized graphic space for the creation of synchronizations.

Mastercam Swiss is developed in the region of Switzerland where Swiss-style machines were invented and is known for supporting an unlimited number of axes and channels, and for realistic simulation of the entire machine and its tools. Mastercam Swiss reduces startup time significantly, is ideal for optimizing cycle times, and supports all types of tooling.

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