Elkins Machine & Tool provides decades of experience in the manufactured screw machine industry, combining an ability to design and create specialized industrial products with an attention to detail that knows no bounds. The heavily experienced Elkins’ staff is a skilled crew that can accommodate high volume projects but is flexible enough to excel in prototype development and short-run, fast-turnover orders. The facility’s location, in the suburban city of Romulus, MI, just outside of Detroit, is within seconds of Detroit Metropolitan Airport and is readily accessible to all major truck and rail lines. One of Elkins’ key qualities is its ability to make its own form tooling, which makes it difficult to beat when it comes to fast turnarounds. That tool making includes PEPS Wire EDM procedures that turn three- or four-week jobs into three- and four-day jobs.


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Archer Engineering is a machine shop capable of making custom-made machined parts used for prototypes or replacement.

Our operations consist of turning,threading ,drilling, milling, bending,broaching, and welding. Parts can be made in most materials to American or Metric sizes.

Archer Engineering is a machine shop capable of making custom made parts used for prototypes or replacement parts.

Our operations consist of turning, threading, drilling, milling, bending, broaching, and welding.

Parts can be made in most materials to American
or metric sizes.

Archer Engineering
3154 Archer Ave
Chicago,IL 60608


Green Glade Welding Inc., established in 1998 in Frederick, Maryland, provides high-quality welding services to Maryland including Frederick, Hagerstown, Baltimore, and surrounding areas. Service is what we sell, and we offer a wide variety of services including, but not limited to, custom aluminum welding, stainless steel fabrication, welding repairs, CNC machining, and more. If you’re looking for any type of welding services in Maryland, look no further than Green Glade Welding Inc. Our goal is to provide you with a valuable product or service that will satisfy your needs.

Green Glade Welding specializes in the custom fabrication of steel, stainless steel, aluminum and sheet metal for the manufacturing industry. When it comes to our custom sheet metal fabrication services in Frederick, Maryland.


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Green Glade Welding
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From contract production to prototyping, we offer clients a wide range of custom sheet metal fabrication processes, including, but not limited to, Waterjet Cutting, Shearing, Bending, Welding, Centerless Grinding & Powder Coating. Our sheet metal fabrication services uphold a (+/-) .03 inch precision tolerance on parts measuring up to .375 inches thick, while our water jet cutting operation upholds a (+/-) .005 inch precision tolerance on parts measuring up to seven inches thick. And, we can work with a maximum sheet metal length of 120 inches.

Our advanced metal fabrication services have successfully served the needs of a wide range of industries, including agricultural, architectural, and medical. Specializing in the manufacturing of Enclosures, Food Processing Equipment, Metal Furniture, Heavy Construction Equipment Assemblies & Signage, our sheet metal products have always met with high industry standards. We invite you to contact Ernie’s Tool Time to inquire after our advanced sheet metal fabrication capabilities.


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