For over thirty years Tri-Gon has been providing quality precision parts to some of the most well respected companies in the world.

Our success over this period of time has not been an accident, but the determined result of offering competitive pricing, quality standards, state of the art technology and a simple ongoing commitment to customer satisfaction.

Tri-Gon Precision has developed an expertise in the manufacturing of ultra high precision components utilizing our Swiss CNC Screw Machines, Grinding Capabilities, Laser Machining, Honing, Polishing, and complete secondary capabilities. Tri-Gon’s tolerancing can go as tight as .000020″ with surface finishes down to 1 micro inches.

Tri-Gon Precision has for a long time worked with our customer’s R & D engineers to assist with the engineering of their products. Therefore, Tri-Gon welcomes prototype quantities to production quantities.


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Boswell Machined Products Inc. is a job shop committed to providing quality products and services that exceed the expectations and needs of our customers. This commitment has allowed us to achieve and sustain a reputation for quality in machining industry. We offer the best in CNC turning, CNC milling and Screw Machine Products. Our state-of-the-art CNC lathes and mills guarantee you reliable production of high precision products. We have over 20 years of experience in CNC Swiss Machining and Multitasking equipment. Boswell Machined Products has years of experience machining many different materials ranging from Tool Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, Brass and Plastics. We are ready to put our experience to work for you.


Boswell Machined Products, Inc.

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Diversified Screw Machined and CNC Machined Metal Parts Manufacturer.

Several years ago in response to customer demand Ohio Metal Products decided to make CNC machining a major part of our business. Since then we have installed several CNC turning and machining centers. The addition of our CNC machining department has allowed Ohio Metal Products to provide our customers with a class of ultra high precision product that conventional screw machines are not capable of producing.

Ohio Metal Products’ centerless grinding capabilities include a wide variety of parts utilizing infeed and through feed operations. Manufacturing materials include stainless steel, brass, copper and a wide variety of alloy steels.


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Since Joel W. Ide Sr. first opened the doors to Toledo Screw Products (T.S.P.) in 1948, T.S.P. has existed for three reasons: Quality, Service, and On Time Deliveries for our Customers.

In the years since 1948, T.S.P. has developed a diversified customer base of companies that utilize precision machined or ground parts. T.S.P.’s customer base includes automotive, steel processing, pump manufacturing, computer, plumbing fittings and furnace control companies plus many more.

T.S.P. has the expertise and the in-house capacity to provide its customers completed parts or assemblies. T.S.P. also has an extensive supplier base to provide metal-finishing services to our customers who desire chrome, zinc, or anodized finishes on their products.

Starting in a 1,200 square-foot building with two Browne & Sharpe OG machines, T.S.P. has grown into a 17,000 square-foot plant with more than 30 various Browne & Sharpe automatic screw machines, eight Cincinnati Milacron centerless grinders and an assortment of honing, broaching, milling, stamping, and induction heating equipment.


8261 West Bancroft
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Mcguire Grinding Inc is a service company providing extreme precision grinding to our customers. We are equipped with 14 Centerless grinders Full support equipment Lathes / Mills/ Surface Grinders/ od grinders Sunnen honing/ Thread Rolling/Wire straightening, cnc screw machines and cutting. Our goal at mcguire grinding is to provide fast reliable precision parts to our customers at a competitive price.

Centerless Grinding is at the heart of McguireGrinding. We have 14 Cincinnati #2s centerless grinders. We specialize in fastener modification, captive screws, thread reliefs, ball points radius and taper points and many more. Infeed Grinding is used on parts that have projections or shoulders, multiple diameters, tapers or other irregular shapes including radius angle, which prevent through feed grinding. The grinding wheel can be dressed to accommodate the part. Flats can be ground on cylindrical surfaces more efficiently with centerless grinding than other methods. With threaded parts, no burs are left on the threads just micro finishes.


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From contract production to prototyping, we offer clients a wide range of custom sheet metal fabrication processes, including, but not limited to, Waterjet Cutting, Shearing, Bending, Welding, Centerless Grinding & Powder Coating. Our sheet metal fabrication services uphold a (+/-) .03 inch precision tolerance on parts measuring up to .375 inches thick, while our water jet cutting operation upholds a (+/-) .005 inch precision tolerance on parts measuring up to seven inches thick. And, we can work with a maximum sheet metal length of 120 inches.

Our advanced metal fabrication services have successfully served the needs of a wide range of industries, including agricultural, architectural, and medical. Specializing in the manufacturing of Enclosures, Food Processing Equipment, Metal Furniture, Heavy Construction Equipment Assemblies & Signage, our sheet metal products have always met with high industry standards. We invite you to contact Ernie’s Tool Time to inquire after our advanced sheet metal fabrication capabilities.


Ernie’s Tool Time
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