At Horizon Industries, our customers have always recognized us for our diversity in manufacturing techniques. We have been providing top quality parts and assemblies to our varied customer base for the past 48 years. Our expertise lies in the areas of general and CNC machining, metal stamping, CNC sheet metal fabrication and a variety of finishing and welding options to meet our customer’s custom parts requirements.

Our Strippit CNC Turret Punch, which was manufactured in the USA, enables us to process a multitude of various sheet metal parts very quickly. With this machine, we can punch holes, slots, notches, louvers, countersinks, contours and special hole configurations and forms. We make a large number of various control panels, enclosures and perforated panels for different industries.


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Biggs Tool & Die, Inc. is proud to be a reputable, experienced manufacturer of close precision-machined parts and assemblies. Our company has a tenacious commitment to our customers; providing high-quality, competitively priced precision components for Aircraft, Military, Tool & Die and Commercial Industries. Biggs Tool & Die, Inc. is dedicated to supplying superior quality products and exceptional customer service through a positive working environment; ensured through continual process improvement and conformance, top-of-the-line expertise, unmatched quality, craftsmanship and expedited lead time that strives to meet any customer’s needs or expectation.

Biggs Tool & Die, Inc. started as a tool & die business in 1978. We have since flourished into primarily a CNC machine shop. However, our company still retains the capability of stamping and forming in order to meet our customer’s requirements.

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