GMMCO Press Release

Is a custom manufacturers of Precision Machined Parts and components. We specialize in the development, creation, and manufacturing of Precision parts for the aerospace, energy, industrial, and marine industries.

Stephen Junkunc 11 founded GMMCO in 1918, realizing a dream of owning his own machine shop. Stephen progressed into manufacturing metal stampings for casket hardware. With the outbreak of world war […]

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Nickel-Based Superalloys in the Aerospace Industry

Nickel-based superalloys, such as Inconel, have an unparalleled combination of toughness, resistance to degradation and high-temperature strength. Utilized in aircraft turbines, rocket engines and other applications that demand maximum toughness, they are critical to the efficient operation of these delicate machines at elevated temperatures.

The formulation and constitution of nickel-based superalloys is highly involved and exhaustive […]

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