Rakesh Aghi founded the organization in 1989, the company started as a distributor in the tooling industry and quickly evolved into a tool manufacture organization.

Rakesh’s credentials include both a Bachelors Degree and an MBA from the University of La Verne
in LaVerne California, and his experience includes more than 30 years in the manufacturing
industry. Rakesh has owned multiple manufacturing operations both internationally and here i
in the US, he has recently sold off all operations overseas bringing all manufacturing back
to the US.

Rakesh provides all strategic direction and leadership for the organization.2017 has been
a year with a great deal of positive change for Cobra Carbide under Mr. Aghi’s direction,
he has also invested heavily in expanding our tooling capacity and enhancing the technological
capabilities of the organization in order to make it the premium tooling manufacturing of choice.

Cobra Carbide is located in Riverside, California. We pride ourselves as a solid carbide tool
manufacturer, specializing in the production of solid carbide tools,(Endmills, Drills, Reamers,
burs and Inserts) and we have recently celebrated our 28th year in business.

Cobra Carbide is the premier provider of Solid Carbide Endmills, Drills, Reamers, Burs,
Inserts, and made to print specials.Our tool manufacturing facility is located in the beautiful
city of Riverside, California USA where all of our tools are manufactured and tested for power, precision, and performance.

Our primary goal is to provide quality tools at competitive prices. We understand that business isn’t given it is earned.We look to earn both the business and trust of our clients in everything we do.

Cobra Carbide maintains a substantial inventory of standard tools that are ready to ship the same day in order to meet the tooling needs of our customer. In addition, your made to print specials
can be manufactured quickly and efficiently to your specifications.

We have tooling specialists on staff that can assist you with your tooling needs.If you are cutting
or milling difficult materials and your tools aren’t performing to expectation give us a call and we’ll
see what we can do to assist and possibly design a tool that will meet the requirements of your

To learn more please visit www.cobracarbide.com