Scientific Cutting Tools offers an array of standard and custom tools
made  from the finest  compressed sub-micron carbide and high speed
People Making the Difference!
More than 65 years ago, Scientific Cutting Tools Inc, was established as
an  innovative tool business based upon the simple marketing concept
of providing customers with superior products, competitive prices  and
uncompromising service. The owners and employees  started SCT with
a fresh perspective in tool design techniques and an inspired ambition to
Scientific Cutting Tools a superior line of products:
Thread Mill Code Generator
Save time with the convenient new SCT  Thread Mill Generator! With
quick input fields and codes for both ID  and OD thread, our generator
facilitates  ease of programming and allows you to enhance the
performance of your thread mills. Designed for Fanuc  and Fanuc
compatible controls.With built in features to e-mail code, download in a text file
or output to screen we make it easy to get your code where you need it fast and
Thread Mills cut a thread using helical interpolation. Helical interpolation involves
 moving three axes simultaneously. The X and Y axes move in a circular motion
 while the Z axes  moves in a linear motion. This allows the same thread mill to cut
both right and left – hand threads and  to produce variety of thread sizes (of
the same pitch). All thread mills are made from premium submicron carbide
and are stocked with and without an ALTiNT coating. They are  ground  on state
– of- the-art CNC tool and cutter grinders, and have been engineered  for high
performance programming assistance is available.
Indexable Tools
Indexable Boring
SCT Indexable boring bars consist of micron grade carbide shanks with heat-
treated steel heads. Select tools are crafted.with a unique top cut which strengthens
the pocket by 40% and directs chips away from the cut zone. Bars are stocked
with or without coolant holes. Inserts are available uncoated or in ALTiN +
coating and are available as diamond -shaped  or triangle -shaped. Other insert
options include PCD- tipped or CBN tipped inserts. Right- handed bars are compatible
with chip control inserts.
Port Tool
All Port Tools are ground between the  centers to ensure absolute concentricity.
They are made from heat  –  treated alloy steel with brazed carbide inserts.
They are designed to enlarge a pre-drilled hole and easily produce a complex
form. Port Tools can be used for both  lathe and mill applications.
Speciality End Mills
Speciality End Mills feature the same premium submicron carbide as the rest
of the product line. They are ground on modern CNC tool and cutter grinders to
tight tolerances and have been engineered for high performance.
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